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12-Week Off Season Agility & Conditioning Program for Basketball Players
12 Week Off-Season Strength & Power Program for Basketball Players
20 Speed Ladder Drills for Basketball Players
8 Week Bodyweight Strength Program for Basketball Players
10 Week Can He Dunk Vertical Jump Training Program
8 Week Upper-Body Strength Program for Basketball Players
Ankle and Foot Injury Prevention Program for Basketball Players
Nutrition Guidelines for Basketball Players
8 Week ACL Injury Prevention Program for Female Basketball Players

Inspiration and Purpose

This project was created by and ran for two seasons (2010, 2011).

The purpose of this project was to show the world the realistic results you can achieve from proper training. We aimed to prove how fraudulent those folks are that claim they can help you get a 50” vertical or improve your vertical jump by 12 inches in 6 weeks ( click here to read about these Vertical Jump Con Artists). We made no promise that any of the participants would be able to dunk. We merely showed real players attaining real results.

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